My artwork – visual art projects

About my artwork: I’m a media artist, I feel better identifying myself like that because I think it’s wider than art discipline concepts. I use video, photography, audio, digital tools and internet as media to produce art projects and digital content. In my artwork, I’m interested in using media intersections, dialogues, and discussions in-between when I’m trying to say something. I believe each media has a language of itself that is constantly changing (depending on the user), and each project has different dimensions to explore, so I like to try different media and ways to explore the same theme.

Themes and Influences

The main subject I am engaged with is: the boundaries between science & technology, visual studies and anthropology. I think what makes an art project unique, is the artist’s perspective, and mine aims to question the social and scientific ways of building realities. I believe art has a social function: to broaden the vision of any reality we are used to.

Since college (early 90’s), my teachers exposed me to the ideas and works of conceptual and avant garde international artist from the 60’s and 70’s; that influenced my early works 1998-2004. But after I pass trough the international program in New Media at the Transart Institute (2005-2007), I started projects so influenced by the ideas of artists then known as Media artists: Darko Fritz, Edita Pecotic, Linda Pollack and Klaus Knoll; and media theorist: Wolfgang Suetzl and Giaco Schiesser.

Cepeda is interested in initiating or creating of the time-based constructs that shows the scientific paradoxes in cynical and sometimes funny way.

– Darko Fritz (Artist & Curator)

Some exhibitions of my artwork

“Entre-ver-Sé” Galería CONARTE, Mty, N.L. (2010) documentation and graphics; “1ra Serie festival multidisciplinario” Mty, N.L. Mex (2009) public action, performance; “The cloudwalkers project” Mty, N.L. Mex (2008) Public actions, documentation, performance; “The cloudwalkers project_1” Linz, Austria (2006) video installation, performance; “Acthung-roof” Krems, Austria (2005) public installation, video documentation; “Identity” Santa Catarina N.L. (2007) Installation; “Casa de la abuela” Mty, N.L. (2002) Installation, Public intervention.

Inside the kind of Job that Samuel Cepeda is doing, clearly arises a displacement from the artistic object made by hand to live trying to bring ideas, suggestions, symbolic processes closer to the daily living places, where the people is.

– Xavier Moyssén