“Social prints” (2006) Linz, Austria

“Social prints” was a method to register a social landscape. At the moment of the event, the artist distributed clay balls in public spaces and after a few hours pick them all and they become part of the a visual essay describing the city of linz.

“Social prints” (2006) Linz, Austria – Detail


“Mail Bag” (2005) Krems, Austria

“Mail bag” is a photograph, is a document of an action in a public space. At the moment of the event, the artist interchange mail bags between inhabit buildings.

For Samuel Cepeda’s explicit interest in new media, there is a constant interest in anachronistic objects: calligraphy, the train or the boat, mail; the printed mail continues being the trace that anticipates an absent body, with a curious presence, unquestionable, evanescent, like the sign that doesn’t let you distinguish between reality and fiction.

 – Erick Vázquez (art critic)

Video as art possibility @ TEP-CONARTE (2009) | 25 Sep 7:30pm

Thanks to the artists Carlos Limas and Francisco Benitez for the invitation to their “Plataforma presentations”. This is the main topics I will talk about: