Wikiturgy-commons, contribute to the arts from any computer

First time I knew of this initiative, it was from one of the creators: Russell Dembin, a UT-Austin PhD student and freelance dramaturg; and since I heard, it completely caught my eye. The announcement revealed me new ways of thinking about the culture.

“a mass act of public dramaturgy”

-Catherine Rdz

The project is based on a massive effort. Interested will be “…adding to, editing, and creating entries for theatre artists, plays, companies, journalists/critics, and scholars from underrepresented groups.” (

So I went around the Wikiturgy-commons’ project, which I considered an ad-hoc digital approach for this times, and I found an effective way to spread culture out: if you help others, you help yourself.

I liked it a lot because I’ve lived experiences in a cultural context that arose from Industrialization, where in order to grow, you have to think in others too, but as rivals; on the other hand, there are people, who are trying to contribute to global purposes than just thinking about their own development.

Of course I’ll be there (University of Texas at Austin’s Oscar G. Brockett Center for Theatre History and Criticism) and if anyone want to join (even from you computer anywhere in the world):