Connected to “la Aldea” @ Jardín Corona

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In the middle of a little mall in San Pedro, Garza García, there is a Garden. Well, Garden in its name, but a delicious see food restaurant to go again and again.  Jardín Corona is  following the story of its Father in the Gulf of Mexico, the first Corona Garden founded by “Che” Alberto Cazaubon. But this one in San Pedro is building its own story. A Story that is told every Tuesday with the words of the theatre on the stage; at 21 h. every week local performers make theatre readings.

Yesterday I had the great experience of hearing, living be connected to La Aldea, play of a good friend, dramaturge and actress Ana Cobos. What caught my eye was that Mcquail was lost and Gerente TI was looking for him in a world where paradoxically the communication was not a problem. Seeking for Mcquail I could reflex about the time I spend online, and paradoxically too, that moved me to write this post.

More than a year ago, I was collaborating with this play with video projections, but until now, that I was paying total attention as part of the public, I realized that sometimes I was looking online for someone too: my digital self. I’m a Visual Artist working with media and even when sound is one of my tools, yesterday, the sound of the words in the performance shook my mind.

Thanks Susy Alanis, Alfonso Carlo, Roberto Roger, MaFer Salazar and Ana Cobos for this experience.

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