“How human can digital be” (2009) NL, México

How human can digital be was a multimedia installation (in situ) and public action. Invited by “1ra Serie, multidisciplinary festival”, I made this installation at the “Art Club Project”, this place used to be a disco bar in the 90’s. With microphones in different rooms, the audience in the bar was recorded, and part of their phrases and words were live mixed with Dj’s music.

The strength of Cepeda’s in situ multimedia installation is to build and represent new multidimensional and provocative narratives, were he put together different realities, Samuel Cepeda make links between the physical space, the music, the light, the sound, the adhesive stickers and the live experiences in real time. He makes words with images, questions the physical content of them and at the same time the physical content of the participating people.

– Luminita Albisoru  (Art expert, Rumania)

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