Catrina to the bones

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Why Catrina to the bones?

More than 5 years ago, Susy Alanis and me, take our knowledge and abilities together to produce performance and other art shows. Like other idealist students, we decided to use a name. One that we feel identified with. One of those names that give you the intention to be a real company some day. We aren’t officially a company, not yet (maybe because we don’t know how to start the paperwork), but at least this has been the way of identify together our shows since 2007. El viaje, is the way we choose to name yourself as a group (sam cepeda & susy alanis)

From all the projects that we have made, Catrina to the bones (Catrina hasta los huesos) is the most representative of our work, because includes the evolution of our ideas and creative processes from year to year. In 2013 it was called Huesitos Ruidosos, an adaptation of an original text written by Susy Alanis, and originally mounted with a high school theater group at the Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. In 2014 the show included interactive actions with the public and 3D video projections over the performers; the public used 3D glasses for stereoscopic images (red & cyan) during the show.

Now, based in the experience of the preview shows (2013-2014), The Catrina, symbol of the dead in the mexican culture, is tired of do visiting every year in November 2nd, so she decided follow her dream: to be an actress. But in her way she found an unexpected struggle. The show is using multimedia 3D again and is setup in an intimate space: Café Ubuntu. We are looking to recreate the atmosphere of the children sheets castle and the horror stories from pijama parties.

Guided by the Catrina, we want to recover some memories of José Guadalupe Posada, the día de muertos and some mexican oral tradition histories. Combining those elements we built a narrative that make evident the difference between death and vanish. Currently this discussion is in many mexican minds and is transferred to different levels of human experience (economic,politic, ethic, social, etc.) and we hope, those we see our show, share with us their own levels of experience about lost and death.


Playwright & Direction: Susy Alanis
Multimedia Production: Sam Cepeda
Production stage assistant: Rubén Rodríguez
Cast: Lydia Sago & Melissa Guzmán
Acknowledges: Kagua Treviño Barahona & Sandra López

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